Nest Pensions & Auto Enrolment - Employers

Nest Pensions & Auto Enrolment - Employers

NEST was set up by the government to make auto enrolment as simple as possible.

For employers, this means having straightforward processes and plenty of guidance on how to set up and manage NEST. 

For employers: (from website)

  • You can access your NEST account and do whatever you need, whenever it suits you, putting you in control of managing your pension scheme. We’ve designed tools to simplify technical tasks, including pre-set enrolment types and electronic member opt-outs.
  • NEST is completely free for employers to use. There are no charges to set up NEST or for ongoing administration.
  • Award-winning scheme – NEST has received awards for our market-leading approach to communications and our NEST Connect service for intermediaries helping their employers with auto enrolment. We’ve also gained industry recognition for the way we’ve managed to grow from a start up with no clients to managing tens of thousands of employers and millions of member accounts.
  • NEST’s public service obligation means that no matter how big your company is or what kind of workforce you have, we’re ready to help you. And because we’re designed for auto enrolment you’ll know that you’ve chosen a scheme that complies with all the regulatory requirements and more.
  • NEST’s default funds are a high-quality, sophisticated, low-cost approach designed to protect and grow members’ money. We’ve got enough options to suit your workers but we’ve kept things simple so they won’t come to you with lots of questions about what they should do.
  • NEST is flexible enough to be used in the way you need it. It can be your only scheme for all your workers or it can sit alongside an existing scheme. NEST pots travel with the member. This means you’ll have no ongoing responsibility for the retirement pots of workers who leave your employment. And if you hire someone new who already saves with NEST it’s a simple matter to start making contributions to their existing pot.
  • We communicate clearly and transparently with you and with our members to support them as they save. We’ve also got a range of templates to help employers comply with their duty to let their workers know about their new rights. This makes using NEST easier for you and means less time answering questions from your workers. We’ve also worked hard to make our guidance clear and straightforward for you to follow. We provide step-by-step guides for the main tasks involved in setting up and managing NEST.
  • NEST makes administering NEST easier by giving you the option to set up people in your organisation as individual delegates. You can also get help from your payroll provider, accountant or financial adviser if they set up a NEST delegate organisation account. This makes it easy to get the help you need sorting out NEST so you can get on with running your business.

For help with the administration of auto enrolment, please contact AIMGB LTD:

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